KRB Tennis

The tennis coaching program at Kincoppal-Rose Bay is managed by Sports Management Group (SMG). They have more than 20 years of experience in running tennis programs. In 2018 they were ranked by Tennis Australia in the top three Australian tennis clubs.

Tennis Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy centres on teaching the complete game of tennis through a player pathway. From beginners through to competitive players, SMG has an established senior coaching team with a track record of developing skilled tennis players.

We cater to every student, no matter their level of skill, and aim to create an environment where every player can reach their full potential. 

Player Pathway

We use  a proven pathway that meets each player where they are now and gives them a clear path for reaching higher skill levels.


From the age of three years old through to teens playing tennis for the first time, KRB Tenniscaters for all ages through squads and private lessons to build strong tennis foundations.


Building on those early foundations, players can also enter the Junior Academy to hone their tennis skills and move to higher levels.


For players aged 6+, internal comps are a good way to use the tennis skills they have developed to experience competitive tennis.


For players who wish to extend their skills further, advanced lessons will increase their time on court so they can reach new heights with their tennis.


Internal comps and external tournaments are the final stage in the KRB Tennis pathway where players put their skills to the test against other players.