Teaching and Learning

At KRB our teaching and learning framework articulates strategic priorities that embed excellence in learning from ELC-12. It responds to the need for agile, data-informed decision making, robust professional learning opportunities and a genuine partnership between teachers and students as they engage in rich learning experiences.

At KRB our learner attributes provide us with an aspirational vision for future-focused learning that equips all students to develop the skills essential to meet the challenges of our rapidly evolving world. Rich learning is characterised by consistent, developmentally sequenced opportunities to build and apply critical and creative thinking processes. The explicit teaching of metacognitive skills allows students to become independent, self-regulating life-long learners who make astute decisions and reflect critically. Our students communicate with purpose, collaborating meaningfully to build new ideas and engage in complex problem-solving initiatives. As a community of learners these attributes allow us to journey together as we re-imagine the future of learning with courage and confidence.

This comprehensive framework forms part of the vision for teaching and learning outlined in the latest Strategic Plan. CLICK HERE to read the latest Strategic Plan.