With spectacular views over Sydney Harbour, Kincoppal-Rose Bay School blends 19th century architecture with modern facilities designed to promote academic, sporting and cocurricular excellence. 

Just eight kilometres east of Sydney’s CBD, our school is nestled in amongst extensive private bushland, and with easy and direct access to  the harbour’s beaches. Our location and campus design offers the very best of nature combined with modern technology so our students can thrive. 

Our campus is made up of a number of state-of-the-art community and learning spaces to cater to our comprehensive academic and sporting offering.

The Maureen Tudehope Centre

The Maureen Tudehope Centre is a multi-purpose, state-of-the-art centre that is home to our exceptional sports, music and performing arts facilities.

Named in honour of Maureen Tudehope, a friend and supporter of the school, Maureen’s generous family helped make our dream for this centre a reality. 

Located next to the main school campus, the Centre offers many impressive facilities including:

  • The 25m Blann Family Pool is where our students participate in swimming classes, squads, the KRB Swim Club, water polo games and recreational swimming. The pool also features a viewing area.
  • A multipurpose indoor sports court with retractable equipment for basketball, netball, soccer, tennis and volleyball.
  • The Maloney Family Fitness Centre with modern facilities and change rooms.
  • The Fernon Family Fields ­for soccer and touch football matches.
  • A Dance studio­ for ballet, jazz and contemporary dance classes.
  • The impressive and modern Burcher Family Stage with high-tech lighting and sound systems for school musicals and plays.
  • The 900 capacity Edwina Taylor Clark Auditorium where we hold liturgies, assemblies and significant school events such as the speech and awards ceremonies.
  • An indoor gathering space which is connected to an outdoor entertaining area for community functions.
  • The Auswild Family and Lochtenberg Family Courts for playing basketball, netball and tennis.
  • An underground car park which can accommodate more than 50 cars.

Given the diversity of activities held at the Maureen Tudehope Centre, it is a central part of our school community and hosts many special events.


We have two libraries on campus, one each for the senior and junior schools. The libraries are modern and provide our students with flexible spaces for learning, discovery and connection. 

Senior School Library

The Mary Agnes O’Neil Library was opened by Governor-General Sir William Deane on 21 June 1998. Built into the cliffs of Rose Bay, our Senior School library is an idyllic location for quiet study, group learning and discovery.  

In 2014 the library was refurbished to meet the collaborative learning style we value at KRB. Our senior school library is a learning space, a meeting place and where our students can explore the literary greats.

The furniture was chosen to cater for both individual work and group collaboration and is regularly rearranged to create optimum learning spaces.

The reading collections can be found on the lower level which has been designed with modular seating for class groups and relaxed reading.

The Turnbull Centre within the library provides a flexible space for conferences, classrooms, tutoring and collaborative work. All students have access to after school tutoring with KRB teachers in the Turnbull Centre each afternoon.

The two levels of the library are serviced by a lift with access from the Harbour Terrace. The terrace, overlooking Sydney harbour,  has outdoor seating to provide an alternative location for reading and study.

Junior School Library

Our Junior School Library is designed to meet the needs of developing readers while also equipping our students with essential 21st century skills.

In the STEM Cove, our junior school students immerse themselves in interactive coding, robotics and LEGO activities. The space fosters creativity, problem solving, communication, digital literacy and enquiry skills that modern learners need to adapt and succeed in a changing world.

Grok Coding at lunchtimes and before school is an opportunity for students to further extend their STEM interest. They can read quietly, borrow books, draw, create, build and work with tools to take computers apart and safely explore the mechanics of technology. 

Each week, the library also hosts our peer tutoring program. This involves Year 10 students tutoring Junior School students after school and is an important connection between our junior and senior schools.


Designed by renowned architect, John Horbury Hunt, our chapel was completed in 1900 and is now listed as a heritage building. 

The KRB Chapel Society are committed to ensuring the chapel’s significance to the KRB community is honoured along with its history. 

In 1904 the Sacred Heart Convent in Bordeaux, France sent a rare 1890 Puget organ to Sydney. This organ resides in the chapel and has been carefully restored by French organ builders. The organ is enjoyed at the many concerts, recitals and weddings held in the chapel each year. 

The KRB Chapel hosts many events for the KRB community including:

  • Regular Mass for current students
  • First Eucharist
  • Procession of Lanterns – a traditional ceremony for boarders
  • Weddings
  • School events such as graduations, orientation and music recitals

Community Learning Spaces

Community is at the heart of the Kincoppal-Rose Bay culture and this value extends to our learning philosophies.  

Our Community Learning Spaces were designed to balance interaction and education to create environments where students can engage with study and the richness of KRB school life. 

The key feature of our Community Learning Spaces is that they cater to a broad range of learning styles to offer something for every student. Whether it is individual, group or whole class learning activities, the modern facilities foster collaboration, community and connection to the history of our school. 

Entire year groups can use the meeting place or classes can take advantage of the break out spaces for small group work. The spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are equipped with refrigerator, microwave and tea and coffee making facilities to enhance the community element and encourage togetherness.

The Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre comprises of two buildings, Joigny and Sophie’s Place, with purpose-built facilities to encourage curiosity, develop knowledge and create interactions and friendships between the children.

The buildings are on the foreshore, overlooking Sydney Harbour. They have access to KRB’s own bushland areas and private access to the harbour beaches where students regularly visit during their Wildtime program.

The Stuart Centre for Year 7 Students

In 2013 the Year 7 Community Learning Space was completed. This space was designed with the intention of bringing students together to connect, learn and socialise while using the latest educational technology, interior design and facilities. The space, now called the Stuart Centre, was officially opened on Friday 8 November by the Hon. Gabrielle Upton MP.

Moving from primary to secondary school can be quite daunting for many students as they enter a larger school with different teachers, learning areas and students. The Stuart Centre has been planned so that it supports students from primary in a seamless transition to high school. It provides them with a physical base for interacting with their peers and teachers, both during and outside of class. The Stuart Centre is equipped with a number of modern and user-friendly facilities, including a kitchen, so that students have a place to call their own during a normal school day. As well, the Year Coordinator forms part of the Centre, enabling effective interaction between the students and the staff.

From a learning and educational perspective, this flexible, technology-rich learning space provides personalised learning opportunities for all Year 7 students as they interact with teachers across subjects.

The Jean Marie Flynn Year 12 Learning Hub

The Jean Marie Flynn Year 12 Learning Hub was built over the site of the old gym and swimming pool, overlooking Sydney Harbour. The space incorporates individual and collaborative learning areas, a staff room, kitchen, common room and amphitheatre. It is an ideal transition for Year 12 students in their progression to tertiary study and career paths.