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2022 Focus Goal

It’s that time again. Our students and staff have returned to school for what promises to be a positive and prosperous 2022. As we always do at the beginning of any year, we reflect on the values that are at the core of our Sacred Heart education, those which guide us throughout our daily lives. In particular, we acknowledge our focus goal for the year – the building of community as a Christian value.

At Kincoppal-Rose Bay, our community is the shining example of the school spirit displayed through maintaining an active and engaged approach to everything that we do. In 2022, our focus goal speaks to the level of involvement we wish to continue to generate in all aspects of our daily activities. This engagement, underpinned with our strong Christian values, is why KRB proceeds to thrive even in the hardest of times, including the hurdles faced over the past couple of years.

A day that most showcases our incredible community spirit is our annual Sacred Heart Day. Wearing red and white, our school colours, members of our community gather as one to receive the Eucharist, acknowledging our faith and spend the day partaking in various activities and performances which speak to the profound engagement and activeness that is present the moment that anyone enters our school gates. It is a day when all of our hearts truly beat as one.

So, whether you are a student, staff member, parent or guardian, Alumnae or school volunteer, each person has a vital role to play in helping to build and maintain our impressive community. This calling is most evident in our school motto, ‘Cor Unum‘, which translates to One Heart, and enlists us into a genuine relationship with God, each other and the world.

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