Barat-Burn, the Junior School of Kincoppal-Rose Bay, offers a co-educational environment of holistic education for both boys and girls.

We use our history of more than 138 years as the building blocks for our future. We believe in continuous improvement informed by research, technology, societal changes and the needs of every child and parent.

Welcome to the Junior School

“At Barat-Burn, our core business is educating the heart and mind of every boy and girl and nurturing inquiry. 

Through co-education, we break gender stereotypes. Girls learn to value the healthy risk-taking behaviours, sense of competitiveness and humour that boys bring to the learning environment. Boys learn to value the strong work ethic and importance of building relationships that girls bring to the learning environment. 

Every child learns that they are unique and we are determined that they become the best versions of themselves. It is when that occurs that we have reached our goal of transformative education.”

Danielle Brandon

Head of Junior School

Our Philosophy

Collaboration is encouraged at Barat-Burn, as your child connects closely with both boys and girls. Children gain fresh intellectual and social perspectives from each other as well as the confidence to express themselves in a highly supportive environment. We offer opportunities for students of diverse abilities and learning styles.

We encourage students of both genders to be leaders with a global perspective, and all students have male and female role models in leadership positions, and the chance to make friends of both sexes. The presence of both genders adds to the richness of learning at KRB. Learn more about our co-educational philosophy.

Here at KRB we follow a Positive Education philosophy through our Academic Care program to ensure each individual’s academic, emotional, social and spiritual needs are met. We structure our programs in the Junior School to ensure:

  • The wellbeing and happiness of each student at School every day
  • A feeling of connectedness to the School and broader community
  • An appreciation of each individual’s strengths and future potential
  • A belief that each student is capable of achieving anything they set their minds to.

Our Curriculum

At Barat-Burn, we give your child a head start in life, in a nurturing co-educational environment. As well as covering the Board of Studies’ Key Learning Areas, we develop students’ interests in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Our committed teachers help bring each child’s ideas to life, providing expert guidance and meeting diverse needs, through a range of extension and support activities.

The STEM Cove in the Library is a setting for coding, robotics and Lego activities. It is an interactive space that promotes skills to assist 21st century learners succeed and adapt in a changing world. The space fosters creativity, problem solving, communication, digital literacy skills and inquiry skills.

We utilise the strong relationship between the Junior and Senior Schools to ensure our Junior School students benefit from dedicated facilities and the extensive knowledge of our specialist teachers. This includes the Science Labs and teachers specialising in science.

However, we also make the most of our incomparable location on Sydney Harbour. Through our Wild Time program, children spend time in bushland on campus and on harbour beaches. Through this learning – both unstructured and formal – students learn from and connect with nature. They delight in the real and the imagined as they explore the environment around them. They learn about native plants and animals, grow food, build shelters, splash in the mud and go for bush walks.

Co-curricular & Sport

At Barat-Burn we offer a comprehensive program of co-curricular and sports activities. We recognise that students have different passions, interests and strengths. Our program of activities caters to these and also helps students to uncover where their interests lie.

Debating and Public Speaking

Our Junior School has a highly competitive and strong debating culture. Many of our teams have won grand finals in the Independent Primary Schools Heads of Australia (IPSHA) debating competition.

Our debating teams also compete against other schools within the Eastern Region Catholic Schools Debating Competition.

Our Public Speaking Competition is for all students from Kindergarten through to Year 6 and encourages our students to become confident well-rounded individuals.


We offer music classes as part of our curriculum, however Junior School students can also participate in various co-curricular music activities, including:

  • Junior School Choir (Years 3-6)
  • Junior School Band (Years 4-6)
  • Junior Strings (Years 3-6)
  • Rock Bands (all levels)
  • Flute Choir (Years 5-12)
  • Orchestra (Years 5-12)
  • Clarinet & Saxophone Ensemble (Years 5-12)

Students wishing to join the Band program can do so from Year 1. Year 4, 5 and 6 students within the Band Program are able to work with external coaches to perform as part of an orchestra.


KRB is part of the IPSHA Sports Competition. Our Junior School Sports Program is taught by specialist PE staff, who work across both Junior and Senior campuses.

We encourage our students to be active and healthy, recognising that an active lifestyle underpins wellbeing in later years. 

Our Junior School students can participate in these sports in the following terms:

  • Term 1: swimming squad (Years 3-6), cross country running (Years 3-6), small sided soccer (Years 4-6 girls), netball skills (Year 3 girls), cricket (Years 3-6 boys), basketball (Years 3-6 boys) and ESFA soccer (ELC-2).
  • Term 2: athletics (Years 3-6), soccer (ELC-6), minkey/hockey (Years 4-6), netball (Year 3 girls), snowsports (Years 2-6) and rugby league (Years 3-6 boys).
  • Term 3: athletics (Years 3-6), soccer (ELC-6), netball (Years 3-6 girls), snowsports (Years 2-6), rugby league (Years 3-6 boys) and walla rugby skills (Years 1-2 boys).
  • Term 4: tennis (Years 3-6 girls), water polo skills (Years 3-6 girls), touch football skills (Years 3-6 girls), netball skills (Year 2 girls), cricket (Years 3-6 boys), basketball (Years 3-6 boys) and basketball and cricket skills (Years 1-2 boys)

KRB provides a comprehensive Accomplishments Program that offers activities outside of the structured teaching and learning programs. These programs include:

  • Music & Performance – individual or small group instrumental tuition with specialist teachers
  • Speech & Dramatic Arts – a vibrant performing arts experience taught in groups from K-6
  • Sport & Fitness – a broad sport and fitness accomplishment program suitable for varying levels. Includes gymnastics, tennis and martial arts
  • Dance & Performance – taught by industry professionals and includes ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, funk, creative and Eisteddfod Troupes
  • Chess – recreational and competitive.
  • Art – specialising in visual art using a variety of material with an emphasis on fun.

Kindergarten at Barat-Burn

Wild Time

Our location, nestled in private bushland against a backdrop of Sydney Harbour, gives us a unique opportunity to encourage a love and appreciation of nature for our youngest KRB students.

Through our Wild Time program, students explore the natural world around them, both in the bush and on the beach.

Wild Time encourages the children to respect nature in all its forms.

Come along to a Kincoppal-Rose Bay discovery morning and learn more about Barat-Burn and our Wild Time programs for yourself.


Applications are open for Kindergarten – Year 6.

There are limited spaces left in many year groups, please contact our Admissions Team if you have any enquiries.