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A Global Education Experience

Kincoppal-Rose Bay (KRB), a leading Catholic independent school in Sydney, is part of a unique international network of 150+ Sacred Heart Schools over 41 countries. Whilst the physical location and cultural contexts of these Schools are different, each share a vision of providing an education that equips our young people with what they need to thrive not only as professionals but as global citizens of the world.

A KRB education is transformational and holistic, focusing on the development of the whole child. KRB understands the rapid rate of change in the world, both technologically and societally, and thus seeks to develop students’ ability to navigate the complexities of this world and a future world that cannot yet be comprehended.

A KRB student can therefore expect an education that allows her to develop a deeper understanding of herself, her relationships with others, and her place in the world. She will belong to a community that seeks to challenge and extend her to be the best she can be, whilst also supporting her growth mindset after failures and setbacks. These learnings will not only occur in the four walls of the classroom, but also in the vast co-curricular offerings and outdoor education programs that are on offer.

At KRB, this emphasis on global citizenship is evident in the learning experiences of our students both in and beyond the classroom. KRB believes in providing opportunities for our students to develop global competencies such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, citizenship and character. Whether by embedding inquiry programs in the classroom which allow students to investigate real-world scenarios and respond with innovative solutions or through facilitating collaboration with Sacred Heart students from around the world in our ‘Virtual Collaboration Program’, we develop students’ ability to tackle the complex and at times the unknown world of today and the future. Further in-person collaboration opportunities are also on offer with our international schools through our student exchange program and language, arts and sports tours.

“My favourite part of KRB is the sense of community that is vividly felt both within the day school and boarding. KRB has provided me with friendships that resemble family as well as memories, values and traditions that I will forever keep close to my heart.”

Anna (Yimengle) Wang
Year 12 Boarder

Integral to the development of global citizens is the integration of STEM programs, such as robotics and coding, and the development of our students’ entrepreneurial mindset. KRB is continuing to grow and develop these opportunities and programs for our students to be and become global citizens. We do this so that students can engage the world and ultimately change the world for the betterment of all.

Students enjoy feeling like they belong and are recognised as individuals with their own unique gifts and abilities. They know that their time at KRB weaves them into the fabric of this school and they will continue to be significant members of our community long after they walk through the gates for the last time. This community extends beyond just KRB, but to the wider international community through her Sacred Heart passport.

KRB celebrates the diversity that comes with having a boarding community of international students from all around the world, as well as regional and rural areas of Australia. Discover more about the KRB Boarding Experience and get in touch with our Admissions Team to learn more about our global education model.

Sarah Daff
Director of Global Education