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KRB’s Remote Learning Platform

KRB teachers have embraced Remote Learning and each day are looking at new ways of teaching and providing a creative and challenging learning environment for each student. The best technology platforms have been sourced to ensure that every student from the Early Learning Centre, Junior School, Senior School and Boarding will continue to flourish. Students have given great energy and displayed a really positive attitude in this new learning environment.

Senior School students are working to a structured timetable and participating in classes via Zoom.

Year 7 Coordinator, Erica Mount, said, “Students checked in via Zoom with their Pastoral teachers at 8.30am for a virtual rollcall and a group chat. Normal lesson times were observed, with teachers ensuring lesson content was available via Aspire, our learning management system. Teachers selected a range of ways to deliver content. This included Zoom lessons, forums, social streams, chats, and collaborative documents. Students are encouraged to connect with friends, exercise and spend time away from the screen.”

“My husband and I are working from home and it was fantastic to see how structured Appley’s day was – she went from class to class on Zoom and enjoyed chatting to friends at recess and lunch. She worked steadily throughout the day and was able to ask questions if she needed clarification. It was wonderful to see how engaged she was – she was enthusiastic and motivated.”

– Madeleine Anderson, mother of Appley in Year 7.

For Appley, Remote Learning was a good experience: “My timetable was the same as when I’m at school so it was easy to follow and in the Zoom classes I concentrated well and it was like the teacher was just teaching me. After school, I take my dogs Monty and Mickey for a walk, which is great.”

Students and teachers are enjoying changing their ‘virtual backgrounds’ on Zoom to reflect the class they are in. In Madame White’s Year French first online class, Year 9 students enjoyed a background from France and in Ms James’s Year 11 Drama class, students added theatrical backgrounds.

Georgina Senes, mother of Millie in Year 10, Jemima in Year 9 and Poppy in Year 6, said: “So far remote learning has gone well for my three girls. The structure of the classes has been very helpful in maintaining routine which I think is essential during this time. The wellness component has been fabulous and the girls have loved ‘bring your pet to pastoral’ and Flipgrid in particular. I have found that the teachers have been really good with their communication both directly with the girls and with us as parents. This has certainly helped both the girls and myself to adjust to this new learning environment”.

Millie in Year 10 said, “I’m feeling very well supported and being able to have Zoom meetings is really helpful. Zoom Pilates for our Sports lesson was pretty funny.”

Daniela Chiew, mother of Emma Year in 11 and Juliet in Year 8 commented: “The commitment of the KRB teachers in providing students with feedback, tasks and assistance online through the KRB Remote Learning Platform has been integral to Emma and Juliet’s continued learning during these unprecedented times. Our puppy, Paddy, has also really enjoyed the classroom Zoom meetings!”

Head of the Junior School, Danielle Albertini, said teaching and administration staff have been learning how to do things quite differently.

“Staff have been engaging in webinars and professional learning workshops, and undertaking a huge amount of collaborative planning.

This need for rapid change highlights the importance of developing and maintaining a growth mindset.”

The Barat-Burn Remote Learning and Teaching Plan includes a combination of online/digital learning and written work. 

Students in the Junior School started working remotely with great positivity, creativity and energy shown by all.

Boys and girls in the Early Learning Centre have been using Storypark to collaborate with their teachers. The students have been doing yoga, creating rainbows and putting them in their windows to spread a message of hope and cheer, making rainbow flowers with real flowers and food colouring, drawing leaf insects and reading stories together. ELC teachers have enjoyed seeing what the children have created and challenge the children with questions about their work.

Our Barat-Burn boys and girls in K-3 have been using Seesaw to stay connected. Seesaw allows the teachers and students to leave feedback on each other’s posts – messages of support and praise abound on each class’s page. Students are posting videos of magic tricks and musical pieces, there are whole class dance videos, and classes making chocolate crackles and sharing their creations. It is heart-warming to see siblings and pets becoming involved in the activities. Students in Years 4 to 6 have been using Google Classroom, where they engage with each other and their teachers in different learning aspects.

Year 3 students have been learning how to question, plan and conduct scientific investigations. They have also been exploring solids, liquids and gases and how they can change state when heated and cooled. One of the investigations involved making chocolate crackles which was a popular science class.

With sport training and competition suspended, our Sport Department has been coming up with different ways for students to stay active and engaged. Over the coming weeks, they will continue to devise content and resources for our students to access via Aspire, as well as provide useful tips and techniques via the School’s social media channels.

Board Chair, Dr Mark Sinclair, acknowledged the hard work, support and understanding of the whole KRB community in setting up the KRB Remote Learning Platform, particularly staff for their unwavering commitment and dedication.

“It is clear from the positive parent and student feedback we have received, that through a combination of hard work, adoption of technology, flexibility, and creativity, that staff have clearly demonstrated our 2020 Sacred Heart Goal, ‘A Deep Respect for Intellectual Values’.”