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Work Experience in Farming

Year 11 boarding student, Georgia Kirkby, is an outstanding example of dedication to her passions. Originally from Bellata, Georgia has had exceptional hands-on experience in farming life for as long as she can remember, having been fascinated with agricultural breeding and recently gaining work experience in Equine Reproduction at Carmyle Veterinary Services, Cattle breeding (AI) at Wilkinson Breeding Services, and Equine Sports Medicine at Trinity Veterinary Services at the age of 16.

Georgia found the Artificial Insemination (AI) course the most interesting as she learnt about the anatomy and physiology of cattle, insemination techniques and timing, and the skill to manage an AI program. Georgia loved travelling around NSW from Narrabri to Cassilis, Coonabarabran and Dubbo to view cattle breeding operations and observe the different techniques and systems.

At the early age of 6 years old, Georgia held a passion for farming and was responsible for the cattle farming side of the farm alongside her Aunt. Her passion has continued recently with her impressive stud of 75 cows at her family farm – all for her own breeding program. Georgia already knows she wants to get into a Veterinary course after school and has taken every opportunity to maximise her chances of acceptance, including utilising our Student Opportunity and Career Education Advisor’s help with applications, and discovering that this course places a heavy focus on the interview process rather than simply relying on ATAR alone. She has also taken on 3 different work experience opportunities in the last 12 months all over NSW in different specialties. With such rich work experience already, Georgia has drawn the attention of NSW labs and the Narrabri District Vet who has offered to further her work experience, which is a remarkable achievement.

Georgia exhibits everything we wish to instill in our students at Kincoppal-Rose Bay (KRB). She is passionate, resilient and hardworking, with big goals for the future, while defying the limits of what might be expected of a teenage girl. Georgia is aiming to create a farm or cattle station of her own one day and is an exceptional example to all her peers, knowing what she wants to do and actively pursuing opportunities. We very much look forward to seeing where her passion and drive take her.