Empowering each individual to thrive

The Senior School at Kincoppal-Rose Bay is a nurturing environment in which your daughter can flourish. 

Through a structured educational program supported by a strong and vibrant co-curricular program, your daughter will receive an education of both heart and mind.

Our Philosophy

Guided by the 5 Sacred Heart goals, we work with each individual student to develop her into a global citizen committed to service. We are committed to knowing every child and providing for them holistically. 

In order to encourage the academic growth of each child, we follow principles of individual care and seek best practice models of learning and support. 

We want our students to be inspired. To leave KRB with skills of confidence, compassion and resilience. To challenge their thinking and strive for excellence in their respective fields.

As you walk through our school you will experience the community that is inherent to our school culture. Our school community is diverse and connected. We have strong ties to our international Sacred Heart network schools and strive to bring global perspectives to everything we do.

We facilitate both the personal and academic care of our students utilising the Positive Psychology approach in our Academic Care program, available to all students. This program focuses on the concepts of gratitude, the identification of personal strengths and the development of positive relationships, emotions, leadership skills and resilience. As students progress through Senior School, they follow the framework of; Understanding of Self, Understanding of Self in Relation to Others and Understanding of Self in Relation to the World.

Our Curriculum

Our devoted and high-calibre Senior School teaching team delivers a curriculum grounded in academic rigour.

Through our curriculum, we promote a nurturing environment to help your child develop into a confident, well balanced and spirited adult.

Across our School you will find a combination of ability graded classes and mixed-ability classes. We use research to inform our practice and in the implementation, we ensure that every girl’s needs are met.

This means we utilise differentiated teaching and flexible group structure within the classroom to cater for all types of learners. Open-ended activities are used allowing all students to access the material at their own level and to contribute to the lesson. Extension activities are also used to provide challenges and enrichment in learning. 

Our curriculum caters to all levels of skills and interest. In Years 7 and 8 all students study the same curriculum with support and extension available for students who require it. As students enter the later stages of their senior education in Years 9-12, we work with every individual student to ensure she is supported in her decision-making on subjects for study.

There are a variety of Extension and Enrichment programs available to students in the Senior School to encourage students to reach their full potential in their area of interest. Some examples of these include:

  • Writers Club
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Competitions
  • HSC Acceleration programs
  • Model United Nations
  • Coding Courses
  • Art and Drama performances and national competitions

Through every Year, class and conversation, we focus on the individual to make sure we offer the best opportunities for our students to help each girl realise and achieve her potential.

Co-curricular & Sport

At KRB, your daughter has access to many stimulating experiences and activities including:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Involvement in social justice initiatives
  • Sport
  • Drama
  • Debating
  • Music
  • Student exchanges to other Sacred Heart schools in Australia and overseas

Our co-curricular activities include:

  • Rock Bands (all levels)
  • Flute Choir (Years 5-12)
  • Orchestra (Years 5-12)
  • Clarinet & Saxophone Ensemble (Years 5-12)

Music classes are offered as part of our curriculum. However, students may also participate in other music-related activities, including:

  • Senior School Choir (Years 7-12)
  • Chamber Choir (Years 7-12)
  • Jazz Band (Years 7-12)
  • Chamber Strings (Years 7-12)

Our sports program aims to:

  • promote sportsmanship, self-respect and school spirit
  • help students achieve their sporting potential
  • encourage fun and healthy competition
  • develop an interest in fitness and wellbeing
  • foster cooperation and commitment

Students can participate in the following sports activities:

Term 1: swimming, softball, fitness, touch football, and tennis

Term 2: basketball, athletics, cross country, soccer, hockey, skiing, fitness and tennis

Term 3: netball, athletics, cross country, hockey, skiing, fitness and tennis

Term 4: water polo, touch football, fitness, tennis and indoor soccer (boarders)


Applications for enrolments are open.

There are limited spaces left in many year groups, please contact our Admissions Team if you have any enquiries.