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Kincoppal-Rose Bay’s co-educational Early Learning Centre (ELC) is an extraordinary space where adventure and exploration thrive. We have created an environment where our youngest learners engage with nature and the ‘wild’ , captivated by their research and curiosities about the world.

Welcome to the Kincoppal-Rose Bay Early Learning Centre

“The aim of our work with the youngest members of our school community is to support children’s discovery and learning. We collaborate with the children to help them process their questions and queries. As they are challenged to think more deeply, we delight in their intuitive responses.

Through our practice of creating contexts for learning, observing, interpreting and documenting we develop a  greater understanding of the many concepts children are exposed to, and equally, how they build further knowledge of them. The children are viewed as capable and competent learners who approach us ready to share the pools of experience and unique reflections on life they bring to us each day.

Learning is a journey towards understanding and as educators, collaborators and researchers, we have the great privilege of guiding your children on that journey.”

Nicole Johnson

Leader of Early Learning

Our Early Learning Centre Philosophy

Our underpinning school philosophy of educating hearts and minds is also present in our ELC. The boys and girls of the ELC benefit from our focus on educating the whole student, preparing them for a lifelong love of learning.

Along with our strength in the five goals of Sacred Heart Education and the vision of Madeleine Sophie Barat, the foundress of the society of the Sacred Heart, we are inspired by the approaches used in Reggio Emilia and the philosophies of the Forest Schools in Northern Europe. Fundamental to this is recognising the partnership between families, staff and community to promote and encourage each child’s learning to nurture their individual strengths and needs. 

We encourage the children to be curious and investigative in their own learning. We challenge them to approach all situations with wonder as they interpret the mysteries of their worlds to develop a well rounded worldview. In everything we do, we aim to inspire, captivate and engage. 

Through our programs we foster a strong sense of connectedness and belonging to our KRB community and beyond. We recognise and acknowledge our Indigenous culture and honour the traditional custodians of the land, a clan of the Eora nation. Our children are taught to respect the natural environment and lovingly accept their role as caretakers of wild spaces. 

We build on each child’s current knowledge in an atmosphere where children feel appreciated and accepted, where warmth, excitement, joy and laughter make Kincoppal-Rose Bay Early Learning Centre a safe place to take risks, make mistakes and try again. Kindness, co-operation, collaboration, acceptance of differences, respect and consideration for others are valued at the highest level.


Term Time

The Early Learning Centre offers a school term time program for 4 and 5 year old children. 

It is a place of wonder, discovery and learning where we harness the interests of each child to encourage deep thinking and exploration.

Through the curriculum, children participate in Music, French, Mandarin, PE, Library and Wild Time Beach and Bush Programs. They can also take advantage of the extracurricular tennis, gymnastics and ballet programs available through Kincoppal-Rose Bay.

Long Day Care

The Early Learning Centre also offers a long day care program for 3, 4 and 5 year olds.

Our program follows the Early Years Learning Framework and adheres to the National Quality Standards. Beyond that, it is a unique environment where children are engaged, enriched and given creative license to explore their curiosities. 

Japanese, Library, PE and Wild Time form specialisations within the program. Children have access to the same tennis, gymnastics and ballet extracurricular programs as their term time peers.

Where Learning Comes Alive

At the Kincoppal-Rose Bay ELC, learning happens through wonder, dreaming, invention and enquiry. Collaboration is central to the learning experience as we foster authentic research around the conceptual development of each child.

Whether it is tackling the problem of plastic in the ocean, exploring the intricacies of the brain or tracking imaginary foxes in the ELC grounds, we delve deeply into thought-provoking issues and problems that appear in the world around us.

In the design of the ELC we have created spaces for collaboration, for adventure, for investigation and for quiet reflection. In a single day the children can climb imaginary mountains and ride high on the backs of mythical dragons or quietly explore the colours of the nature around them. 

Wild Time

Our location, nestled in private bushland against a backdrop of Sydney Harbour, gives us a unique opportunity to encourage a love and appreciation of nature for our youngest KRB students.

Through our Wild Time program, students explore the natural world around them, both in the bush and on the beach.

Wild Time encourages the children to respect nature in all its forms.

Come along to a Kincoppal-Rose Bay discovery morning and see the magic and wonder of our Early Learning Centre for yourself.


If you are inquiring about a position at Sophie’s Place (ELC Long Day Care) for 2023 or 2024, please contact the Admissions team before completing your application as there are very limited places available.

Places are available at Joigny (ELC 4-year-old Term Time) for 2023 and 2024.