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Alumnae Mentoring Program

In 2022, we plan to introduce a program of events enabling opportunities for mentoring and networking within our Kincoppal-Rose Bay (KRB) Alumnae community to provide a significant link between experienced and talented members of our community and alumnae who are in tertiary study, those just beginning their career journey, those seeking career progression, starting a new business or a career change and those returning to work after a career break. Future, termly events will include industry-specific networking events which will be held at KRB in partnership with the Sacre Coeur Association.

The KRB Connect – Alumnae Mentoring Program will involve the matching of mentors and mentees based on career goals, work experience, industry and role positions. The program will allow mentors to provide valuable advice and guidance which may make a significant difference to the life of a KRB alumna. It will also give mentors the chance to develop their leadership skills and to learn from a new generation of professionals. We would envisage the mentor and mentee to connect at least 3 times in the first year of the relationship, allowing for consistent communication and knowledge transferral.

If you are interested in acting as a mentor, by sharing information, knowledge and skills with individuals or if you would like to be mentored in your chosen career field, we would like to hear from you.

Any Alumnae interested in participating in this program are encouraged to fill out this form.

Victoria Dalton
Alumnae Relations Coordinator