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Co-education and mindfulness 

At Kincoppal-Rose Bay we embrace our co-education within the Junior School.

Boys and girls have an opportunity to grow and develop through their co-educational experience. They collaborate and learn from each other, celebrate their similarities and recognise their differences. 

Year 1 teacher Michael Lukins has worked at single-sex and co-educational schools and knows the advantages of co-education.  

Co-educational environments offer children experiences which more closely reflect the world beyond the school gates,” he said. 

At Kincoppal-Rose Bay, our students encounter opportunities to interact and collaborate with a more diverse set of peers and, through this, grow increasingly assured of their own place in the world. 

Junior School students gain fresh intellectual and social perspectives from each other and gain confidence in expressing themselves in front of members of the opposite sex. KRB students have the opportunity to make friends with peers of both sexes.  

We encourage students of both genders to be leaders with a global perspective, and all students have male and female role models in leadership positions. The presence of both genders adds to the richness of learning at KRB. 

Michael is thriving working in an environment in which students of both sexes encourage and celebrate each other. 

“I am constantly rewarded at Kincoppal-Rose Bay by the responsibility of working in a classroom where I can challenge and reframe childrens’ perceptions of who they should be and where boys and girls exchange energy, empathy and inspiration from working side by side.” 

Mr Lukins has also embraced the spirituality of the school – although that is not just restricted to it being a Catholic school. He has been impressed with the focus on the whole individual at KRB.  

“KRB follows Sacred Heart philosophies which focus on the growth of the whole child.” 

Michael has introduced regular mindfulness activities in his classroom. 

“My students often request short mindful breathing sessions which I lead in the classroom. These experiences work wonders in calming and centring students after a hectic playtime or rough morning getting ready for school.” 

Director of Mission John Mooney agrees on the importance of mindfulness and leads regular ‘espacio’  (silent reflection) sessions for staff and students.  

“Students have a right to develop their interior/spiritual life. This is fundamental to the philosophy and charism of the Society of the Sacred Heart,” he said. 

Michael has noticed the students adopt mindfulness practices daily.

“I encourage children to complete work tasks in a mindful manner, enjoy their food more mindfully and even use the theory of mindfulness to improve performance in creative or sporting pursuits. We know that without the purposeful nurturing of the emotional, social and spiritual health of each child, effective learning is much less likely to take place.”

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