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Co-educational Sport at KRB

Kincoppal-Rose Bay (KRB) is proud to offer a wide range of sporting activities across all age groups. Our School is co-educational for ELC and year levels, Kindergarten to Year 6, a group that we feel thoroughly showcases the strengths and values of our school community. There is so much joy to be gained from watching this group of boys and girls interact and participate in some of their favourite physical activities.

Beyond the obvious health benefits that sport provides for students at an early age, we have seen the constructive impact that it delivers when it comes to developing patience and endurance while aiding in the practical management of emotions. Furthermore, students who engage in physical activity from a young age have displayed advanced social skills and excellent cooperation with others. Our co-educational environment means that boys and girls can interact and learn to understand each other in both competitive and casual situations, all fostered by our supportive and engaged physical education teachers. Although there are many co-educational sports opportunities, boys at KRB also have a boys sports program, where students are given the opportunity to participate in certain sports such as soccer, football, basketball and cricket, as well as being given the opportunity to enter into local competitions.

One of KRB’s PDHPE Teachers and K-6 Boys Sport Coordinator, Craig Millard, has had the pleasure of immersing himself in the world of sports daily, including running boys recreation sports skills programs during lunchtime in addition to classes. Craig’s perspective demonstrates the positive influence that a KRB sporting experience has on students of this age, as well as the prospects and opportunities it can present. Growing up in the United Kingdom, Craig was lucky enough to have had a PDHPE teacher at a very young age who inspired and pushed him to be his best. As a result, he has gone on to accomplish a lot in the field of sports and physical education, much of which he attributes to the support he received from his teacher. Today, Craig hopes to do the same for the young people he educates, noting that he has indeed witnessed some incredible sporting achievements already over his 14 years employed at KRB.

“I owe much of my success in sport to my physical education teacher. If you give students the opportunity and encouragement to follow their dreams, you tend to see great things happen, and we have seen many go on to receive scholarships and other honours in a variety of sports. It has happened and it will continue to happen, I’m sure.”

Craig Millard
PDHPE Teacher & Boys Sport Coordinator

As a school, our objective is a focus on students as individuals where they each have their own set of talents and abilities and we believe in nurturing these from an early age. This holistic and transformational approach allows for the development of students’ both academic and personal growth and enables them the opportunity to dip their toes into a number of activities across our campus sporting facilities, including a dance studio, soccer field, basketball and tennis courts, and aquatics centre. Accomplishment programs such as tennis lessons, gymnastics and dance, invite students to engage in physical activity that develops the skills needed to compete in squads, competitions and team sport, while other programs, including Learn to Swim, additionally teach basic survival tools. At KRB, there really is something for everyone, and this is exemplified through the vast physical education of our students of which we deem to be efficacious.

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