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ELC & Beginning School

There is nothing quite like watching our Early Learning Centre (ELC) students start their first day of school. From the moment they are dropped off by their parents, beaming with pride, there is something special that fills the air. A feeling of hope and promise, knowing that these students are about to embark on a journey of education that will see them through academic, personal and spiritual growth and accomplishment over the years to come. There is no better place to begin this journey than at Kincoppal-Rose Bay (KRB), where adventure and exploration thrive.

Throughout the school year, our ELC students will partake in a number of learning activities and experiences that are designed to shape the way in which they see the world and take action. Beyond traditional learnings, our programs facilitate a strong sense of connectedness and belonging, where we recognise our Indigenous culture and the land. In particular, our Wild Time program teaches students to lovingly accept their roles as caretakers of natural spaces as they explore the bush and beach against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour.

“The aim of our work with the youngest members of our school community is to support children’s discovery and learning. We collaborate with the children to help them process their questions and queries. As they are challenged to think more deeply, we delight in their intuitive responses.”

Nicole Johnson
Leader of Early Learning

Fostering a co-educational environment, KRB acknowledges that everyone has something to offer, allowing students to interact with both boys and girls to gain a deeper appreciation, understanding and respect for their peers. Led by our passionate and supportive Early Learning Teachers, students are encouraged to be curious in their education, where the aim is to inspire and captivate their minds as they engage with each other and the world around them. Overall, we nurture each student as an individual with their own set of interests and talents and seek to provide the necessary tools and environment for them to start their school journey on the right track.

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