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HSC Major Works Nominations 2021

Every year, Year 12 students are asked to nominate HSC major works that they deem excellent and suitable for exhibition including Visual Arts, Industrial Technology, Drama, Design & Technology and Textiles & Design. All works selected are placed on showcase at various venues for the public to view.

Kincoppal-Rose Bay’s (KRB) teaching ethos is to support each individual student on their respective pathway. Our goal as a school is to encourage students to reach their full potential in the field they feel passionate about. For some, this is the dramatic arts, while others may wish to pursue scientific routes, and then there are those who gravitate toward design & technology. Whatever a student’s particular interests are, KRB aims to nurture and equip them with the skills and experiences they need to succeed, which is why it thoroughly delights us when our HSC students are nominated to showcase their work and talents to the public on exhibition.

This year, we are proud to announce our students’ work nominated for their respective subjects and selected to feature in the exhibitions.

The first is Coco Remond’s, ‘A Sea of Tranquility, A Saw of Devotion’, which explores the psychological impingement on elite swimming athletes whilst simultaneously uncovering the discrepancy between ‘water for leisure’ vs ‘water for sport’. Coco’s piece will be showcased at ARTEXPRESS, the annual exhibition for exemplary artworks and represents the high standards and diversity achieved by students who have studied Visual Arts.

“I aim to capture the ‘inner demons’ of elite swimming and the immense pressure that comes with such a perpetually time-crushing sport. Therefore, through my charcoal components, I display the isolation and physical demand on one’s body. My material choice of charcoal alludes to the dark and gruelling reality of swimming, the loneliest sport of all, trapped in thoughts whilst performing laps in the solitude of a lane.”

Coco Remond
Year 12 Student

ARTEXPRESS will open at the Art Gallery of NSW on February 3 2022.

Another HSC student, Claudia Graham, has been successful in having her project admitted to the SHAPE exhibition, which headlines compelling work in the Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design spaces.

Claudia’s major work, ‘Worm Wee, Odour Free’, saw the properties of worm wee manipulated to eliminate the odour, a factor that she identified often limits the use of this high nutrient liquid for plant growth, thus encouraging more consumers to utilise this 100% organic fertiliser and focussing on a circular economy for sustainability. Claudia identified many ways to do this, including dehydration and encasement using cellulose structures. As part of her project, she also created branding and a handmade card for her packaging which she had embedded, so this could also be disposed of environmentally by planting it into the ground.

“We are delighted to announce that Claudia’s Major Design Project will be included in the NESA SHAPE exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in 2022. As less than ten Major Design Projects for Design & Technology are selected from the State each year for inclusion in this exhibition, Claudia is to be commended for her hard work, determination and resilience, which has led to her receiving this accolade.”

Stella O’Toole
Head of Technology & Applied Sciences


SHAPE will open at the Powerhouse Museum, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences on 4 March 2022 and close on 14 August 2022.

Finally, drama students, Angelina Daniel, Phoebe Macdonald Gill and Hannah Hunter, have received nominations for their individual projects to be featured at the OnSTAGE exhibition, which showcases performances and projects on the subject of dramatic art.

Their works, ‘Stories in the Dark’ (Set Design), ‘Portfolio of Theatre Criticism’ (Critical Analysis and Individual Performance) and ‘When the Rain Stops Falling’ (Critical Analysis and Individual Performance), respectively, were noted as exemplary amongst an array of major works, including Costume, Lighting and Set Design, Promotion and Program, and Theatre Review.

Further to their nominations, Angelina’s work has officially been selected for the exhibition and will be available for public viewing at the Seymour Centre in February 2022. Inspired by Annie Leibovitz’s photographs taken during the Sarajevo Siege, Angelina’s overall set design is evocative and transformative, with sophisticated use of ultra-violet paint, which explores the concept of a child’s tendency to reside in fantasy when faced with warfare.

OnSTAGE works will be on exhibition in the foyer of the York Theatre, Seymour Centre from Monday 14 February to Friday 18 February 2022.

KRB could not be more proud of these students’ achievements and strongly encourage everyone to show their support by taking the time to visit the exhibitions. It is moments such as these that truly exemplify the individual focus and development that a Sacred Heart education provides.

Visit the Education Standards Authority for more information on the exhibitions, viewing times and ticket purchases.