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‘KRB Girls Cut Curls’- girls cut their hair for charity

When Year 12’s Grace Hardman, Head of Social Justice, lost her mother to cancer in 2020, the community rallied around her. Grace and more than 40 of her peers participated in the ‘KRB Girls Cut Curls’ last week.  Students volunteered to cut at least 20cm of their ponytails in support of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, and to raise awareness of cancer. 

Kincoppal-Rose Bay students are encouraged to be active in social justice and charity initiatives. When the cause hits close to home, it means just that bit more. 

“Social justice initiatives are most effective when they are supported by the entire community. As a Sacred Heart School, we are called to work in unity to respond to injustices. Everyone has been impacted by cancer in some way – whether it’s personally, or through a friend, family or community member,” Grace said. 

The girls were joined by two teachers, Madame White and Ms Fung, whose participation Grace greatly appreciated.  

“Spreading this message in both the Junior and Senior Schools was definitely more effective with members of staff getting involved and will help us reach our goal,” she said. 

The event was held on the Harbour Terrace, with beautiful views of the harbour and city, and was attended by students and staff, who encouraged all participants. Grace looked around and realised the gravity of the occasion. 

“It means so much to me and I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can achieve to transform patient care, fund life-changing research and help get closer to a future free from cancer.” 

Music teacher Margaret Ferguson, who was treated at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse last year, was thrilled by Grace’s organisation and lauded the work of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

“The facility offers patients wonderful, holistic treatment in a very caring environment. The medical team at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse are at the forefront of world best practice in innovative treatment & research,” she said.

Ponytails were collected and donated to Sustainable Salons, who will turn the hair into wigs through verified charities. 

Although the event has already been held, there is still time to donate. 

“We would really appreciate any donations to support us and our efforts towards this worthy cause, Grace said.  

To donate: