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Our Academic Care model

Positive Education is the philosophy that underpins all that we do at Kincoppal-Rose Bay School through our Academic Care program.

Positive Education

Positive Education is the implementation of Positive Psychology in an educational setting. As a Sacred Heart School, this context also drives who we are and the way we work in partnership with parents to educate the heart and minds of our students.

Martin Seligman’s work in Positive Psychology has evolved over the past two decades and the current emphasis is on developing grit, resilience and persistence within young people. Nevermore important than currently while we face another COVID challenge and endure time in lockdown. Positive Education is an overarching term used to describe empirically validated interventions and programs from positive psychology that have an impact on student wellbeing (White, 2014).

Originally, the focus of Positive Psychology was ‘Happiness’ as the key to flourishing, yet recent events (COVID as a perfect example) has brought educators to realise that strengthening the skills needed to navigate challenges is actually most beneficial in increasing a young person’s ability to achieve, develop a sense of purpose and to thrive.

KRB’s Academic Care

Kincoppal-Rose Bay’s Academic Care, led by the Pastoral Team, drives this focus and for it to continue to be successful; parents, educators and students must work together.

Academic Care is provided holistically for our students by all Sacred Heart educators, but a significant focus is via the Pastoral Program, which is firmly based on the Sacred Heart Goals and is delivered through a variety of structured activities, which aim to increase student awareness of issues such as bullying and mental health, as well as develop the skills of resilience, confidence, independence, and leadership.  These programs are underpinned by a conceptual framework that is articulated and develops in regards to the students’ developmental stage.

This program is supported by a Wellbeing Framework that addresses the practical skill development and progression of our students. KRB’s Academic Care philosophy is about providing the strategies to the students, but with the expectation that they will make wise choices and employ them when needed. Student development is tracked closely by Pastoral Mentors to ensure each student progresses in a positive manner. Participation in a range of endeavours, whether it’s leadership, sport, debating or co-curricular are all crucial aspects of ensuing the young women of Kincoppal-Rose Bay develop into compassionate, mature and effective “All Rounders”.

Academic Care also focuses on developing a strong academic emphasis in each student so that she is able to achieve her best. Harnessing a culture of academic excellence is essential and is a priority for KRB. Every Sacred Heart educator works in partnership with the students to ensure she can achieve her best and develop her academic resilience. Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset is regularly reinforced with our students so that they are able to shift the way they deal with setbacks and ensure every opportunity is one to improve and learn from.

Resources and strategies are regularly shared with parents and guardians to ensure we continue to work in partnership to achieve our shared goal of developing strong, articulate, compassionate young women who are global citizens with a desire to make a positive impact on their community.

We are very confident in the opportunities and support we provide for all our students.

To discover more about the KRBs Academic Care model, contact our Admission Team or register to attend an information morning.

Carrie Scanlan
Director of Students