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Student Leadership Opportunities

Kincoppal-Rose Bay is a School that nurtures each individual to become the best version of themselves. This is why we offer many leadership positions to prepare our students for life after School and to excel in their chosen areas of interest.  

These leadership positions encourage students to be creative and innovative as they lead different initiates and events within the School. They act as role models to our younger students and are encouraged to bring their unique insight into their position to create meaningful and impactful change.  

The new Student Leadership Committee for the Class of 2022 has been announced. 

Congratulation’s girls, we look forward to seeing what great initiatives you will bring in your new leadership positions and the impact you will have within the KRB community.  

“In the coming year, I would like to achieve many goals as a leader. I especially want to focus on creating an atmosphere that encourages student involvement and elevates their voices, allowing girls to build their confidence in our community and beyond. Through this, I would like to further build on the strength of our community and the connection between all KRB girls, to ensure that each girl has a positive experience.” 
Isabella James 
Head Girl


“Within my leadership position, I strive to achieve a more inclusive environment for everyone to feel welcome and gain a sense of belonging. This will result in a greater and more personal connection among students, teachers, and the wider school community.”  
Adelaide Haddrill 
Head Boarder 


“Utilising my leadership, I hope to deepen our tight-knit community in aims of closing the gap with the year groups and allowing a more personal connection with everyone in our community. I believe that we are stronger together and if we are more collaborative, we will be one step closer to creating a just society. Multiple minds are better than one and by collaborating with diverse year groups, teachers and Alumnae our school can participate in outside initiatives to carry out inclusion and equality not only in our school community but in the wider community.” 
Lara Towler 
Head of Boarding Student Representative Council 



“I want the school to be able to understand and celebrate many different cultures. I also really want there to be a significant lack of barriers between girls from different cultures and to help celebrate the multiculturalism that we have in our school.” 
Erica Eather 
Head of Global Citizenship


“Through taking on this leadership role, I hope to inspire awareness and response towards ever-prevalent social issues within our local and widespread community. Incorporating both my personal outlook along with my peers amongst the values of JPIC and the Sacred Heart, to support those around me as well as motivate and inspire positive change within the school.” 
Audrey McDonald 
Head of Justice and Peace


“In my new role as part of the Student Leadership Committee, I hope to bring a new perspective to KRB’s rich religious ethos and build on it in a multitude of ways. I aspire to nurture the connection between religion and modern-day issues and ensure that each girl recognises the strength of faith that is bound by our community”. 
Abbey Ridgewell 
Head of Liturgy


“I aim to bring a contagious sense of enthusiasm within the Kincoppal-Rose Bay sporting community to create an uplifting and motivating culture of women’s sport.” 
Lauren Whiting 
Head of Sport 


“My main priority as Head of the SRC is ensuring that the whole of the student body is heard in its wants and needs. I hope to achieve a more thorough communication between students and staff from K-12, guaranteeing Kincoppal-Rose Bay as a place of student understanding and implementation.” 
Philomena McDonald 
Head of Student Representative Council 


“In my position of Wellness Leader, I aim to form a more collaborative and unified school environment to instil motivation and incentive within students, parents and staff members within the Kincoppal-Rose Bay community.” 
Chilli Evans 
Head of Student Wellbeing