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Welcoming New Boarders to the KRB Community

Boarding at Kincoppal-Rose Bay (KRB) is an experience in education like no other. As you step onto our campus, we welcome you to experience an uplifting feeling of adventure and opportunity, a sense that a journey of incredible possibility lies ahead. KRB is proud to offer our Boarders a Sacred Heart education, exceptional living quarters with stunning views, state of the art learning facilities, involvement in exciting activities and events, and access to expert teaching staff who will help and support across a range of areas. All this is apparent in the extensive initiatives that ensure new students feel nurtured and embraced as they begin this new chapter in their schooling. Further, our school affords a unique sense of community and belonging that allows boarding students to find comfort in their new home away from home. 

“At KRB, we welcome new Boarders to come as they are and try our best to make them feel as secure and nurtured as possible. This is achieved through encouraging students to form strong and long-lasting connections with others in our community and this is made possible through various initiatives and events designed to promote engagement. Additionally, our boarding staff are always seeking to provide care and support in the interest of mental and physical wellbeing, ensuring Boarders continue to feel valued, have purpose, agency and optimism as they settle in their second home.” 

Anne-Maree Bennett
Director of Boarding

Upon arrival, Boarders are inducted by their Head of House and are paired with other students who act as their Mentors and older Buddies throughout their initial weeks on campus, as part of our Boarding Mentor and Buddy Program. Further Year 11 leaders, known as Big Sisters, help to create a nurturing and safe place for new and younger Boarders, helping them to feel known, heard and valued in our community. This initiative allows for a smoother transition into boarding and school life where students are accepted and assured of having a friendly face to turn to if they ever have any questions or need a shoulder on which to lean. Mentors assist new Boarders’ transition in all forms of boarding life, including navigating their way around campus, finding classes and familiarising them with the relevant facilities. In addition, students are carefully assigned roommates who complement their personalities and individual interests, schedules and sleep patterns.

Exclusive Boarding Events
KRB is all about involvement in our active community, so we host a variety of events that allow Boarders and their families to meet and greet other students, teachers and parents. Beyond our Orientation Sleepover and Boarding Families’ Welcome BBQ, both of which encourage students to engage with one another and become familiar with those around them, our P&F Association also invites new parents to interact at gatherings throughout the year.  

When students join our boarding community, they become an extension of our community, and so too do their families. To this end, city families who have been a part of the KRB community for some time volunteer to act as support families for Boarders in times when they may be missing their loved ones. 

Facilities & Resources

Our boarding students have access to a range of facilities and resources on campus. Outside of class hours, Boarders can access our extensive school library that hosts an array of literature and learning tools designed to make study easier, including the tutorial support offered in its Homework Centre. Boarding supervisors and Heads of House are also able to support and monitor Boarders with their homework and study. Heads of House and the Director of Boarding teach in the day school and offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in the boarding context.  

KRB also employs counsellors who are readily available to listen to and consult with students who require further support and advice regarding all things from studying to adapting to life away from their typical surroundings. We know the value of mental health and seek to provide students with resources and strategies to help them maintain a positive mindset and develop ‘grit’. This high level of care extends to our Health Care Centre nurses who support Boarders’ physical health and facilitate external health-related appointments.  

Boarders also have access to the swimming and gymnasium facilities after hours, in consultation with their Head of House. 

Boarding Activities
KRB believes in encouraging activity and engagement within our community and in networking with other Sydney boarding schools to provide friendship and social skills building opportunities. Boarders are invited to participate in a range of sports and other activities outside classroom hours, during the week and on the weekends. Boarders often get together to partake in adventures off-campus, some of which have been known to include attending socials at other schools, Luna Park and Raging Waters themes parks, the Vivid lightshow, football matches, and art galleries and museums, and regular city visits. These activities allow Boarders to spend quality time in each other’s company, make new friends and connections, and learn to appreciate individuals who come from all walks of life and varying cultural backgrounds.

Boarding at KRB will see students develop and grow in a vibrant and nurturing community where everyone is known and cared for. We encourage a strong presence in every aspect of school life in order to enable success in both academic and personal pursuits.

Find out more about boarding at KRB by contacting our Admissions office.