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ELC - Year 12

At Kincoppal-Rose Bay we are committed to providing our students from ELC to 12 with challenging and rigorous learning opportunities. 


Our programs focus on developing the whole student to encourage them academically, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. 

Our teaching and learning approach aims to:

– Build life-long independent learning skills to support individual development.
– Develop cutting edge technological skills for 21st century learning and innovation.
– Provide opportunities for creativity, learning and exploration beyond the classroom.
– Create effective communication between teachers, pastoral teachers, students and parents.

We encourage our students to take responsibility for their own learning and support them to achieve the highest academic goals through a personalised learning philosophy.

Technology Integration

We strongly believe that student learning is enhanced through the integration of ICT. Our teaching programs from ELC-12 have a strong focus on the use of technology within and beyond the classroom. 

Senior School students each have their own notebook computers. They also have one to one access to technology through the KRB Learning Advantage Program. Our students benefit from anywhere, anytime access to technology for learning.

We are not only equipping our students with skills to help them during their school years but also preparing them for the technology that will play a significant role in their lives after school.

Individualised Learning

We have a dedicated Learning Support Team to provide individualised learning programs for students from ELC-12. 

This is also a flexible program designed to ensure every student can become the very best version of themselves. Our specialist staff work within the classroom, in partnership with the classroom teacher, to support student learning. This enables class work to be differentiated and individual programs devised in partnership with students, parents and staff. 

In the less formal atmosphere of our Homework Centres we also provide individual literacy and numeracy attention for students. Held in the Junior and Senior School Libraries, the students have regular access to teachers from each faculty of the school, as well as to the Individual Learning Programs Coordinator.

Gifted and Talented Program

Our Gifted and Talented Program offers students from all year groups opportunities for acceleration and enrichment.

The program has been designed flexibly to cater to different scenarios including full year acceleration, single subject acceleration, special interest projects, mentoring, program and assessment differentiation, and access to external competitions such as Da Vinci and Tournament of the Minds.

Underpinning the gifted and talented program is an emphasis on careful diagnosis, collaborative planning between staff, parents and students, and regular review of all courses of study. We prioritise the social and emotional needs of students as well as their individual interests, strengths and goals. 

Indigenous Program

Our School provides Indigenous students from rural and urban communities the opportunity to achieve the highest ideals in holistic education. Our commitment to providing a high standard of education, with outstanding pastoral care, ensures Indigenous students and their families are well-supported as an integral part of our community. We are a Sacred Heart School and we believe in working together to continue reconciliation.

All students participate in a wide range of events, programs and learning to build their cultural knowledge and understanding of First Nation peoples histories and cultures. We also develop cultural knowledge across our community as our Indigenous students and local community members share their stories and traditions during school activities and celebrations. Across ELC- Year 12 there is an emphasis on developing awareness and celebrating the rich history of our land and its peoples.

Teachers empower and educate Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to work together to strive to be the very best they can be, and to make positive contributions to their community and the country.

Find out more about Scholarships for Indigenous students.

Term Dates 2023

Term 1 Commences Monday 30 January
Term 1 Commences for Sophie's Place Tuesday 17 January
Term 1 Concludes Wednesday 5 April
Term 2 Commences Thursday 27 April
Term 2 Concludes Friday 23 June
Term 3 Commences Tuesday 18 July
Term 3 Concludes Friday 22 September
Term 4 Commences Tuesday 10 October
Term 4 Concludes Thursday 7 December

Term Dates 2024

Term 1 Commences for Sophie's Place Monday 15 January
Term 1 commences Tuesday 30 January
All ELC returns Thursday 1 February
School closes at 3:10pm for Easter Break Wednesday 27 March
Classes commence after Easter Tuesday 2 April
Term 1 concludes Friday 12 April
Term 2 commences Tuesday 30 April
Term 2 concludes Friday 28 June
Term 3 commences Tuesday 23 July
Term 3 concludes Friday 27 September
Term 4 commences Tuesday 15 October
Term 4 concludes Tuesday 10 December

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