Celebrating Sacred Heart Day 2024 – a Reflection of our Core Values

Sacred Heart Day is not just a day on the Kincoppal-Rose Bay calendar; it’s a celebration of the values that define our community. It’s a time to reflect on our commitment to faith, education, and service. The day’s significance is rooted in our School’s history and the ethos of the Sacred Heart tradition, that emphasises the importance of a personal and active faith in God and the role we each play in building community.

Over the last week, I have reflected on the many ways we will live out these core values on Sacred Heart Day. Our student population on the day is one way of looking at this. We are currently enjoying having many exchange students in our School, from our sister schools nearby in Australia and New Zealand, and from our broader network of international schools. Our students have the world at their fingertips, thanks to the robust exchange programs offered through our global Sacred Heart network. These programs are gateways to new cultures, perspectives and friendships, fostering a sense of global citizenship and interconnectedness.

Our regular School community is also made up of a broad range of students and staff. On any one day, our students bring a diverse range of backgrounds to their classrooms, and we all benefit from the different perspectives this brings. As Sacred Heart Educators, we ignite both hearts and minds, and our role as staff in this mission is vital.

Our Strategic Plan emphasises teaching and learning excellence and our 2024 Sacred Heart Goal: A Deep Respect for Intellectual Values, echoes our desire for each student to strive to be their best, bringing intellectual curiosity and an understanding that learning extends for life, far beyond the classroom. This Goal is deeply entwined with the other Goals of Sacred Heart Education, fostering a holistic development of students as they grow into responsible and informed global citizens.

Of course, community is central to our school and who we are. Being part of the Sacred Heart community offers all who choose to connect with it – a sense of belonging. The importance of building authentic relationships in a transient world is also central to our mission. Our responsibilities to our wider community through active service can be seen in many ways across our School.

On the eve of Sacred Heart Day, our boarders will once again participate in the Procession of Lanterns. Our Year 12 girls will raise money for cancer research on Sacred Heart Day, also continuing a wonderful tradition. For the last event of the day, the Harbour Terrace will be transformed into an outdoor stage and our students and staff will perform this year’s Sacred Heart Dance together. What a beautiful community moment bringing laughter and joy.

Sacred Heart Day 2024 provides us a wonderful opportunity to pause and reflect on who we are as a Sacred Heart School and community. I hope we all find a deep pride in being part of this very special place.