SCA Memorial Mass

On Sunday, 28 May, we welcomed many of our Alumnae Family and friends to Kincoppal-Rose Bay for the annual Sacré Coeur Association Memorial Mass and Morning Tea.

The Memorial Mass was celebrated by Fr Philip Watkins sss from the Blessed Sacrement Congregation in Sydney.  Josie Ryan performed as the Soloist on the day, and was accompanied by Mark Stubley (Head of Music at KRB) on the organ.

This year, the Memorial Mass fell on Pentecost Sunday.  A beautiful ceremony was prepared by newly appointed Director of Mission, Brennan Sharpley, and family members of the deceased read individual prayers.

We remembered all of our Alumnae, Alumnae family members and RSCJ’s who have died since our last Memorial Mass was held in July, 2022.  A specially prepared scroll containing each deceased person’s name was placed on the altar whilst the congregation prayed for the recently deceased family and friends of Alumnae.

After the Mass, Morning Tea was served in the Hughes Centre which gave everyone the opportunity and time to personally reflect on the special relationships they have with one another and Kincoppal-Rose Bay.