Shirley O’Shea

This year, we celebrated the 100th birthday of Shirley O’Shea (McAllister) MBE with an afternoon tea at Kincoppal-Rose Bay.  Shirley graduated from Kincoppal in 1938 and is our oldest living Alumna.

In attendance, was Principal Erica Thomas, Mary Cook,  Mary Shanahan RSCJ and Tracy Bradford (School Archivist).  Many memories were shared from Shirley’s school days at Kincoppal and Tracy presented Shirley with momentos  and copies of some of the school magazines printed at the time Shirley was at school.

Shirley was born in Sydney in 1923 and has lived in Sydney for most of her life.  She grew up within a medical family and married the late Dr Desmond O’Shea, an obstetrician.  Shirley has always been actively involved in Sydney’s cultural and charitable life, earning an MBE for her philanthropic work in 1974.  Shirley is very passionate about Art and has been a member of the Art Gallery Society of New South Wales since the Art Gallery’s members organization commenced in 1953.  She is it’s longest-serving member.


Shirley was delighted to share the photos and letter that she received from King Charles and Queen Camilla to commemorate this special milestone.  Shirley also received a letter from the Governor General of Australia, David Hurley.

Happy 100th birthday Shirley O’Shea MBE !