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Creating Leadership Opportunities

Kincoppal-Rose Bay (KRB) has always placed a strong focus on leadership and provides many opportunities for students to take part in running and coordinating various initiatives. Whether it be in Junior School or Senior School, students are encouraged to partake in numerous committees and lead by example. In this way, KRB does not merely view leadership as a title or badge on one’s blazer, rather as a way of life where our community seeks to have a positive, active and engaging attitude towards everything that we do. We develop global leaders of the future.

Both Junior and Senior Schools provide students with the opportunity to lead in a variety of areas. Our Junior students form committees centred around ICT, Global Citizenship, STEM, Wellbeing, Creative Arts and the Sacred Heart, while also electing traditional House Captains. Meanwhile, Senior students elect peers to positions that overlook Boarding, Social Justice, Liturgy, Sport, SRC, Global Citizenship and Wellbeing, as well as the Head Girl who rounds out the committee. Further, all Senior students are appointed as leaders in their own right and are expected to support and encourage their peers to be the best version of themselves. Though allocated different responsibilities, students act in the spirit of Cor Unum – One Heart, operating as one unit for the betterment of the school and its community. KRB students recognise that teamwork is an essential part of leadership and work together to achieve goals.

“Leadership at KRB comes in many different forms, there are opportunities for everyone to develop their inner voice and step out of their comfort zone. A key to this is involvement in the school community. I have developed leadership skills through being in different sports teams, in debating and even on my Duke of Ed, all very different aspects of school life at KRB. Leadership to me is about encouraging the people around you to achieve goals by supporting them and working together as a team. I am very excited for the opportunities this year will bring!”

Isabella James
Head Girl 2021/2022

One such event that encompasses KRB’s approach and value of leadership is our Senior Leadership Inauguration and Red Ribbon Ceremony. This event took place on Friday 11 February, when the Year 12 Class of 2022 were inducted as the new Senior Leaders of the school. The occasion marks the acceptance of responsibility by Year 12 girls to lead the school in upholding the values of the Sacred Heart. A ceremony is held in the Chapel, where students are presented with a blue sash, a badge and red ribbon, and a certificate, all of which signify this new role that they have agreed to take on.

Find out more about KRB’s leadership initiatives by contacting our Admissions office.