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HSC Results 2021

We are beyond proud of the Class of 2021. The girls undertook their HSC studies over Years 11 and 12 during a global pandemic. They adapted to different modes of learning with courage and tenacity, undertook a great deal of their study in lockdown, and forged ahead to achieve extraordinary results. A significant facet of their success is due to their sheer determination to achieve their best. They relied on the explicit feedback from their teachers, they benefited from the unconditional love of their parents and guardians, and they formed genuine and supportive friendships. Girls, you set yourself some high goals and you have certainly achieved these in spades.

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, the School ranked 28th in the State and this is our equal best result over the past five years.

HSC ‘Band 6 Rate’ Overall Rank

Band 6s196127179141205
Band 6 Rate34.8%25.5%30.7%26.6%33.7%

In this context, ‘Band 6’ includes Band E4s.

Our Distinction in Studies recipient for 2021 is Harriet Cook. Harriet achieved an outstanding ATAR of 99.75 and studied Economics, English Advanced, English Extension I, English Extension II, Modern History, History Extension, Studies of Religion II and Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension 1 (in Year 11, 2020). Her determination to succeed and her unparalleled dedication to her studies have been rewarded with this excellent result.

Of the Class of 2021, 7 students achieved an ATAR over 99 (7%), 22 students received an ATAR over 95 (23%) and 44 students received an ATAR over 90 (47%).

We saw 12 students in the cohort acknowledged as All Round Achievers. This means the girls achieved the highest band possible in 10 units of study (Band 6/E4).

Of our Boarders, 56% achieved an ATAR above 90, and 68% achieved an ATAR above 80. Seven of our ten boarders who came to KRB from overseas, and so were away from home and family for the duration of their Preliminary and HSC studies, achieved an ATAR over 90. This is a testament to the Boarders’ work ethic, their commitment to support each other in their learning and the strong support they have from staff in the boarding context. In fact, the success of our Boarders ranked Kincoppal-Rose Bay as the highest performing Catholic Independent Boarding School in NSW.

As an open entry school, we are delighted that KRB has celebrated outstanding results over the breadth of the curriculum. Band 6/E4 results were achieved in 30 of the 36 courses studied in the School. This reminds us that students can come as they are, work consistently and achieve at their best in a diverse range of courses.

I take this opportunity to thank the Year 12 teachers for their tireless efforts to work with, support and nurture our incredible young women. Each of them delighted in the opportunity to educate this special group of students who had endured so much during their HSC.

Maureen Ryan

Distinction in Studies

We send a special congratulations to Harriet Cook for achieving the highest ATAR of 99.75, two place rankings in the state, and being awarded KRB’s Distinction in Studies.

“There is no substitute for hard work and our cohort’s results are testament to this. In spite of the turbulence of the past two years, with some girls away from their families for the entire period, we showed determination and perseverance, supporting each other and putting our heads down. I am so grateful for the time, effort and support of my teachers and am proud to be a part of this cohort.”

Harriet Cook
Distinction in Studies


ATAR Results

HSC Achievements

Kincoppal–Rose Bay was ranked 28th in the state by Sydney Morning Herald, the best result in 5 years – top Catholic independent girls’ boarding school in NSW.

63% of our Year 12 students and 92% of our accelerants achieved at least one band 6 (Approximately 11% of students achieve at this level across the state).

KRB students appeared 196 times on the NESA Distinguished Achievers List across 36 Courses – demonstrating the diversity of offerings.


High Achievers

Harriet CookOlivia Deakin-BellEmma ChiewEmmeline Fletcher
Started: JoignyStarted: Year 7Started: Year 7Started: Year 7
- Janet Erskine Stuart Scholar
- Blue Ribbon recipient
- Katrina Dawson Foundation Prize
- Janet Erskine Stuart Scholar
- Blue Ribbon recipient
- Gold Duke of Edinburgh
- Head of Sport
- Blue Ribbon recipient
- Year Scholar
- Head of Student Representative Council
- ISDA Debating
- Janet Erskine Stuart Scholar
Marie KhouryHanke XieSophia Laverty
Started: Year 7Started: Year 9Started: Year 5
- Debating Captain
- Year Scholar
- Contribution to Community of Year 12 Award
- Cultural Diversity Captain
- Year Scholar
- Mother Alix de Kerever Boarding Award
- Head of Student Wellbeing
- Janet Erskine Stuart Scholar
- Sister Sarah Simpson Award

All Round Achievers

12 students were All Round Achievers receiving Band 6/E4 in at least 10 units studied.

  • Emma Chiew
  • On Yui (Jolie) Choi
  • Harriet Cook
  • Olivia Deakin-Bell
  • Marie Khoury
  • Nicole Yin Shun Lai
  • Sophia Laverty
  • Lok Wun (Serenus) Law
  • Bianca Meli
  • Molly North
  • Charlotte Smeallie
  • Hanke Xie

“Our Class of 2021 has demonstrated through these results not only the fulfilment of their considerable academic potential, but also their intrinsic motivation to excel in a broad range of academic fields. For a non-selective cohort to achieve such a breadth and depth of results is remarkable and reflects their sustained critical engagement with learning throughout their journey at Kincoppal–Rose Bay. These results attest to the extraordinary relationships between students, teachers and the broader KRB community as well as the power of a Sacred Heart Education to inspire young women of the future.”

Trinity Hastie
Director of Teaching and Learning (Acting Term 4 2021)

Subject Performance

We celebrate success across a breadth of subject areas. We have outstanding results in all English courses. Our students excelled in the English Advanced course where 95% of students achieved results in the top two bands, In English Extension I, 88% of students achieved in the highest band, and in the English Extension II course, 100% of students achieved in the highest band.

Additionally, Mathematics Advanced and Studies of Religion II, each with large cohorts, had 75% students achieving in the top two bands.

Further success was evident in 7 of the 8 Extension Courses (Maths, English, History, Science and Languages) with 100% of students achieving in the highest two Extension Bands. 

In the Creative Arts area all Music I students, and 60% of Drama and Visual Arts students, achieved a Band 6 result

We also celebrate the outstanding HSIE results with 90% of Business Studies students, 86% of Modern History, 81% Economics, 80% Legal in the top two bands.

Similarly in Languages, 80% of the French Continuers and Chinese and Literature cohorts achieved a Band 6 whilst 50% achieved in the highest band in Japanese Beginners.

We acknowledge the achievement in Chemistry and PDHPE with over 60% of students achieving in the top two bands. Finally, our Community & Family Studies students must be commended as 100% of their cohort achieved either a Band 5 or 6 result.


A total of 13 Year 11 accelerated students completed a HSC course in Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1 or French Continuers.  12 of the 13 accelerated students received a Band 6/E4 result on the Distinguished Achievers list with 7 students receiving two Band 6/E4 results

Emma Briand (Year 11) placed first in the state for French Continuers as an Accelerated student.

Students Who Have Placed in the State

Emma Briand (Year 11 Accelerant)Harriet CookHarriet CookOlivia Deakin-Bell
French ContinuersEnglish AdvancedStudies of Religion llModern History
1st Place19th Place4th Place13th Place
Emmeline FletcherHanke XieLok Wun Serenus Law
Studies of Religion llEnglish EAL/DKorean Continuers
(Studied Externally)
9th Place7th Place2nd Place

HSC Major Works

Each year, the top HSC major works in the state are nominated and selected for exhibition within Visual Arts, Industrial Technology, Drama, Design & Technology and Textiles & Design. All works selected are placed on showcase at various venues for the public to view.


Coco Remond –  ‘A Sea of Tranquility, A Saw of Devotion’ (Nominated)


Claudia Graham – ‘Worm Wee, Odour Free’ (Selected)


Angelina Daniel – ‘Stories in the Dark’ (Selected)
Phoebe Macdonald Gill – ‘Portfolio of Theatre Criticism’ (Nominated)
Hannah Hunter – ‘When the Rain Stops Falling’ (Nominated)

Learn more about these projects and when you can visit the exhibitions.

Early Entry

This cohort went into their HSC exams with a record 130 early entry offers to university. While this provided a sense of confidence and positivity for many students in the lead up to their final examinations, their continued efforts to perform at their best has ensured that they will now receive even more university offers for their preferred courses and tertiary institutions. This determination and persistence that the Class of 2021 demonstrated is certainly to be commended.

Student Growth & Achievement

Phoebe Macdonald GillOlivia ScahillChloe KoundourisAnnabelle Horton
Started: Year 7Started: Year 7Started: Year 8Started: Year 10
- Boarder: Narromine
- Drama OnStage Nomination
- Outstanding HSC Drama Result
- St Rose Philippine Duchesne Award
- Wellness Captain
- Outstanding HSC Result in Community and Family Studies
- Tennis Captain
- Growth in Learning Prize
- Tildesley Team Captain
- Boarder: Narromine
- Head of Boarding House: Stuart
- Eucharistic Minister
Olivia LaundySarah GallagherClaudia Finlayson
Started: Year 5Started: Year 7Started: Year 7
- Head of House: Kungala
- Eucharistic Minister
- Outstanding Artist
- TAFE Course: Travel and Tourism
- Korean - NSW School of Languages
- Balanced external language, two VET qualifications and HSC/ATAR
- Boarder: Moree
- Head of Boarding House: Barat
- Eucharistic Minister

“I am so proud of the achievements of each and every girl in the cohort. The grit and tenacity they have demonstrated are a testament to their courage and strength of character. The Class of 2021 will be remembered for their supportive spirit, their ‘never give up’ attitude and their outstanding and consistent work ethic. Their academic intensity has been a hallmark of this cohort and when they moved into the Jean Marie Flynn Yr 12 Learning Hub, their cohesion, focus and determination to succeed was most evident. As a teaching staff we are very proud of these girls and look forward to hearing about what they achieve in coming years.”

Anastasia Panas
Year 12 Coordinator