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International Women’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day (IWD) is an annual event that celebrates the achievements of women all around the globe and was celebrated on Tuesday 8 March. Whether their accomplishments be social, economic, cultural or political, the day is used to reflect on the journey of women and acknowledge their contribution to society, while also calling into action the acceleration of gender parity and raising money for various women’s charities. Kincoppal-Rose Bay (KRB) is proud to foster the learning and development of young girls ELC-12 and honours IWD as yet another occasion on which we can celebrate the vast talents, contributions and achievements of our female students, and all of the impressive women within our Sacred Heart community.

This year, we are asked to cross our arms in solidarity in support of 2022’s IWD theme, ‘Break the Bias’, referring to the inequality and social injustice faced by women on a daily basis. It is the hope that in 2022 we can raise and spread awareness for gender equality, and promote fair and inclusive rights for women. Further, as we come together in support of this initiative, the goal is to also rid the world of bias, stereotyping and discrimination of any kind in order to create a more diverse environment where difference is valued and celebrated.

We aim to raise awareness around our role in breaking the bias, as we aim high in all aspects of life, looking to highlight each and every girl’s amazing strength, creativity and ambition.

Philomena McDonald
Year 12 Student, Head of SRC

Students took part in IWD and showed their support by wearing purple mufti clothes to school. As purple is the colour of compassion, it demonstrates the commitment to women all around the world who have suffered as a result of bias and discrimination. This was accompanied by discussions in both Junior and Senior Schools, which noted and celebrated influential female figures throughout history and raised thoughts and opinions on numerous social and political issues surrounding women today. KRB is proud to get involved and take action in the interest of accelerating change amongst gender equality. As a school, we believe in embracing difference and individuality to shape female leaders of the future who have a voice and use it to encourage change and diversity.

Find out how you can support the IWD cause and help break the bias here.