Alixandra Kupcik

During a recent trip to Sydney, Alumna Alixandra Kupcik returned to Kincoppal-Rose Bay to visit her previous teachers Principal Erica Thomas and Marg Ferguson.   Alix, who graduated in the Class of 2002, is currently living in Los Angeles where she works as an actress, singer, voiceover artist, writer and producer.

Alix commenced her education at KRB in Yr 9 and studied Elective Music to HSC Level.   She was very active in the school choral program and was recognized for her beautiful vocal resonance.  With Alix’s mother an opera singer, performing at the Old Tivoli Theatre in Sydney, and her uncle a concert pianist, Alix’s youth was spent submersed in film, music and theatre.

After graduating from KRB, Alix attended the Academy of Film, Theatre and Television in Sydney and then moved to New York City to pursue her dreams of acting, singing and performing.  Alix spent a summer at The Actors Studio in NYC and then pursued a career in Cabaret where she spent the next five years singing in venues in Sydney, Melbourne and New York with two of her own shows entitled “New York a State of Mind” and “Reflections” which she produced, wrote and arranged.  Her creative endeavours extended beyond the stage, and Alix went on to curate a series of stage productions, including “Orpheus” and the Sydney premiere of John Patrick Shanley’s Academy Award-winning play, “The Big Funk“, in which she not only took the lead role but also produced.

Alix is also actively involved in packaging and financing feature films and continues to work as a jazz, cabaret, and musical theatre-style singer and songwriter.  Her songwriting can be enjoyed on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon.

In 2016, Alix moved to Beverley Hills, California where she recently launched her business, LA Connect.  LA Connect focuses on connecting talent, businesses and startup brands (with a particular focus on Australian brands) and talent new to Los Angeles.

Amid all of Alix’s diverse artistic pursuits, she was excited to recently be chosen to appear in the 2023 Mailchimp global commercial campaign which can currently be found on Billboards, online platforms and television screens across the globe.

It was wonderful to have Alix visit the school and we wish her continued success as she returns to Los Angeles to spend the next couple of months performing and singing at the Living Room at the Peninsula Hotel, Beverley Hills.