Sarah Smith

I studied Visual Arts at KRB and this was always my favourite subject. It was an hour of pure peace and happiness. We all adored Mrs. Della Franca who took taught us from Years 9-12. I also loved Chemistry at school. In addition to this, serving others and health and wellbeing have always been core values of mine so upon graduation, I chose to study a Bachelor of Pharmacy and was offered a scholarship toThe University of Sydney.

Towards the end of my degree, the opportunity to study abroad presented itself, so I applied for an International Health major via exchange. I was accepted at Queen Mary University of London where I was positioned for the final six months of my degree.

After completing university, I worked as a Locum Pharmacist in regional NSW and in March of 2020, my older sister was getting married and I wanted to give her a unique wedding present.  I decided to paint her a series of small watercolour paintings. I posted this on my instagram and was surprised to see the level of interest from my friends. A few requests were made for paintings of random objects and as the requests continued to flow, I saw an opportunity.

A week after my sister’s wedding, the world went into lockdown. While I was still fortunate to have a job as an ‘essential worker’ in Pharmacy (both community and hospital based), my weekends in Orange, NSW were now spent painting.

The silver lining of the pandemic for me was the extra time to foster the growth of a small community of instagram followers who felt connected to my tiny artworks. Commissions led to prints and print sales lead to the development of my website. My instagram following led to higher exposure and a platform for recognition, which then lead to my first Gallery representation. The income I earned from my paintings enabled me to gradually work less days as a Pharmacist until January 2021 where I was able to produce my paintings on a full-time basis.

Looking back over the past couple of years, I have had so many wonderful opportunities. I have worked with brands such as Tiffany & Co., The Cotton On Group and NET-A-PORTER. My art has featured on Today’s Morning Show and has been showcased in magazines such as Vanity Fair, House & Garden UK and The World Of Interiors. I have exhibited artworks in galleries across NSW, VIC and QLD. A highlight being my first Solo exhibition in 2022 at The Uralla Gallery. Most recently, I have exhibited my works internationally for the first time in London at Saatchi Art’s The Other Art Fair.

I now view my time studying in London as a very defining moment, where I realised that success and happiness in my career would only be attainable through some form of creative pursuit and outlet.  Painting began as a hobby for me and was a means of escaping and finding a moment of peace and mindfulness, I have been very lucky to make the transition into a full-time artist.