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Boarding at KRB

Boarding at Kincoppal-Rose Bay (KRB) is a truly enriching experience where students from rural, urban and international regions can come together to learn and grow both academically and personally. Our School places much value on diversity amongst its students and this spreads across culture and curriculum. While we encourage Boarders to embrace their cultural background and provide numerous opportunities for them to do this, we also believe in nurturing interests and talents through a range of subject areas that appeal to each individual.

The Year 12 Class of 2021’s HSC results typifies the strong learning and development of boarding students, with 56% of them achieving an ATAR above 90, and 68% achieving an ATAR above 80. Further, seven of our ten boarders who came to KRB from overseas, where they have faced many challenges during the past few years with closed international borders, achieved an ATAR of over 90. This is a testament to the Boarders’ work ethic, their commitment to support each other in their learning and the strong support they have from staff in the boarding context. In fact, the success of our Boarders ranked Kincoppal-Rose Bay as the highest performing Catholic Independent Boarding School in NSW.

“Boarding students’ HSC experience in 2021 involved an extra term and protracted HSC commitments away from home and family. This marathon of preparation saw the KRB boarders band together and support one another, by undertaking random acts of kindness, regular bursts of exercise, showing good humour and appreciation for the care and support of boarding and day school staff alike. Being on campus gave the boarders regular access to teachers’ assistance and feedback, and afforded them an effective and sustainable study regimen that led them to achieve their very best.”

Anne-Maree Bennett
Director of Boarding

The below achievements in last year’s HSC are examples of the excellence that is often demonstrated by KRB boarding students:

  • Gundagai, Head of Boarding SRC, Claudia Graham’s Design & Technology major work was selected for the SHAPE Exhibition. View more about her work and exhibition information.
  • Moree, Boarding House Captain, Claudia Finlayson achieved an ATAR of 92.60, with the top two bands for all subjects.
  • Griffith, Ella Salvestro achieved an ATAR of 92.80, with all subject results being in the top two bands.
  • Narromine, Phoebe Macdonald Gill was nominated for the OnSTAGE Exhibition, with all top two band results.
  • Bowral, Lulu Butler achieved four band 6s and an ATAR of 97.00, with all subject results in the top two bands.
  • Hong Kong, Head of Boarding Liturgy and Cultural Diversity Captain, Serenus (Lok) Law achieved an ATAR of 95.80 and attained a place in the State for Korean Beginners, with top two bands for all subjects. Also from Hong Kong, Boarding House Captain, Jolie (On Yui) Choi achieved in the top two bands in all her courses and an ATAR of 98.10. Head Boarder, Jasmine Law achieved in the top two bands in all but one of her courses and an ATAR of 91.60.
  • China, Cultural Diversity Captain, Hanke Xie, achieved an ATAR of 99.05, an HSC All Rounder (Band 6/E4 results for 10 or more units of study). Also from China, Head of International Students, Yimengle (Anna) Wang, Yaxin (Jackie) Wang, and Yutong (Katie) Wang achieved ATARs of 96.50, 92.35 and 91.85, respectively.

“Throughout the HSC being a boarder was something that was vital to my succession in so many ways. It enabled me to have a close network of friends who were always willing to help me bounce off essay ideas or to motivate and push me to go that extra mile. The boarding environment ensured I was able to maintain the rage a little while longer, helping me to reach my potential.”

Claudia Graham
Boarding Alumnae, 2021

When students board at KRB, they become a part of an active and supportive community where diversity is celebrated. Our Boarding Staff hold teaching degrees and are in a prime position to provide round the clock assistance to our Boarders, students also have constant access to our extensive library with group and individual study support areas. In particular, our boarding houses offer independent study spaces for maximum efficiency in homework and Year 12 Boarders have a separate purpose-built boarding house, Sheldon House, in addition to the Year 12 Hub that is shared with Day students.

“Being surrounded by such a strong support network in boarding made all the difference. The girls supported, encouraged, and motivated each other right until the very end and kept one another on track. I also really valued the way boarding allowed me to study on campus with easy access to my teachers and study resources, yet also gave me an opportunity each day to take some time out and clear my mind of study by sitting in the common room together, or going to the gym and so on.”

Lulu Butler
Boarding Alumnae, 2021

In 2022, KRB is proud to be launching the Country/City Immersion Program which will provide country students with the opportunity to study at KRB and be close to the city excitement on offer, while Day students are afforded the chance to become Boarders for a semester and experience the diversity of country life. Designed to enhance awareness of the culture and lifestyle of regional Australian areas and the type of work that our country families do, students will develop leadership skills and find new initiatives to make a positive impact. Learn more about the Country/City Immersion Program.

Finding passion through diversity is at the core of KRB’s boarding experience. Our school environment is one that allows students to flourish away from their regular habitat and circumstances, building resilience and character. More than anything, much like other schools in our Sacred Heart network, we aspire to be a home away from home, a hub of inclusiveness and a place where everyone belongs.